One more defender on Tanki Online

People often say that the final defender on any team work better best camper, This is inappropriate, campers are aware of just about all possible attacking positions, camping positions and everything but campers are not able to simply hold their fire before very end. The camper’s duty should be to hold the line of defence and keep it like that until the end of the experience. The defender on the other hand must be fully aware and has to find out what is happening and where it truly is happening while also being able to kill the guys that slip through beneath campers.

The job of the last defender is much more than merely killing anyone that tries to cross your type of sight, instead you have to be completely mindful of the positioning of the enemy team plus updating your team on where they are presently. As soon as someone takes your flag you will need to let your team know where they’re going with it, Except simply stating “flag! ” saying “Flag, Viking, Left side” is really a lot more detailed.
As for the role of the rest of the team they are to ensure the final defender knows what is happening, they are to let your guy know if anyone is coming from his back. Not doing so is letting the guy take your flag.
For example, The freeze on tribute blue team does not know what is happening at the rear of the buildings, similar is the way it is on kungur. Your team should be letting you know what is happening all through the board.

So from here on out, we assume that the defender knows what’s happening. Even the best defensive player loses games, so whenever the defender partcipates in a duel with anyone he should inform the rest of the team through the microphone totally. We all know that the defender is not immortal so whether he is able to kill the enemy or definitely not he should let his team know about it, it is much safer to say “killed” and say “he will kill me” instead of saying “he’s taking the flag and I’m dead”, never stay silent if someone are at your base. Similarly in maps like your red team of Solikamsk the defender has view in the entire enemy base so he should be able to assist the attackers and update them concerning the positioning of the enemy team constantly instead of just staying quiet. This helps ensure a beneficial offensive yet defensive team. No one dislikes this move when you are pretty much helping them predict the future by telling them if they are going to meet any resistance in that will next turn. Any information is helpful, no matter how small it truly is.
So we have decided upon the position of the defender, but how does he play? As a freeze player he should not engage directly, instead he should take minimal damage constantly. As he is the last defender he should be able to defend accordingly, in my opinion defensive play is described as taking minimal damage while still being able to deal damage. It’s common sense if the defender is damaged he then will die much faster. In such a case it is suggested to simply proceed in the enemy base to die even deal some damage, the go back to your spot. All this time letting your team know that you will be absent from the flag.
If your team has the flag and it’s possible to help him capture it, in all senses go ahead. But if simultaneously the enemy team is coming for the flag then be careful about it and plan accordingly.

So, the final defender has to do the next things.

  1. Notify your team immediately even if the threat is really a mere wasp, as soon as he enters the boundary of your base, let your team recognize.
  2. If possible, always ask for someone to replace you if you are damaged, but also make sure that it is usually possible before you go using a suicide mission.
  3. Monitor the areas of the map that you can to and let your team know what is going on in those areas.
  4. Let your team know the positioning on the enemy team in simple still acceptable wordings like “two quit, one mid, i’ll take your left” etc.
  5. Take the responsibility to have one or more player playing passively offensive towards you.
  6. Never leave the base unless you will find there’s replacement.

Normally people say how the defender should leave the basic, however my personal opinion is that whatever happens there should be one or more person that simply stays at base at all times unless he is low on health, got full pickups or is dead.

Tanki Online Cheats and Hacks – free browser online 3D – action game

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The game combines the magic of Battle City NES classics in modern times and dynamic 3D shooter, and of course the excitement of online gaming. With all these elements, Tanki Online does not require installation on your hard disk and can run on any PC connected to the Internet. Looking for tanki online cheats? Next reading…

Just a simple one minute registration sets you apart from colossal tank battles.Only real players fight each other in 3D maps. Each tank in the game is driven by real people. Player versus player battles open great potential for fascinating challenges and cooperative actions. Your revenge enemies, form teams, invent complicated tactical moves – all means are good in a tanker war. Become experienced under the cannonade thunder. There is a complex ranking system in the game. The higher your rank is the most powerful tank you can build. A player has access to new updates armored tanks, and other weapons with new range. Getting tanki online cheats is really easy.

Tanki Online already earned such prestigious awards as the “Best Game No Editor” and “Best Technology” at KRI 2009 expo and “technical achievement” in Russian Flash Awards 2009. Nevertheless, the development of projects did not stop. We are constantly working new elements, organize competitions and tournaments with prizes precious. Everyone can make a contribution to the game. Their ideas and offers are welcome!

Everyone will find something interesting for himself in Tanki Online – an entertaining 3D action game, which is the setting for serious competitions and meeting and communicating with friends. So … get ready to rumble!

Features about Tanki Cheats

  • Free browser 3D game. You fight in fully 3D arenas with houses, walls, bridges and bushes. The gameplay is close to real physics so tanks can get stuck in deep pits, overturn or fall down from the bridge.
  • Only real players take part in the battles. None of the tanks is driven by AI.
  • Various game modes. You can fight for yourself in the Deathmatch, form teams in the Team Deathmatch or hunt down the Flag in the Capture the Flag mode.
  • Military career from Recruit to Generalissimo. You get experience points destroying enemies, healing allies, capturing flags and doing other involving things. The more points you get, the higher your rank will be.
  • Tank upgrades. Higher ranks unlock new coats, turrets, armor and supplies. All of these can be bought in the Garage for special game currency — crystals. You can gain them in a battle, buy them or get them as a gift for inviting your friends in the game. Specially you can found tanki online crystal hack generator at many sites.
  • Intuitive control. You need only four keys to drive the tank — W, A, S, D or arrows. Use Space to shoot.
  • Users play important role in projects’ development. You can build your own maps, create clans and offer any ideas to improve the game. The most active users will be rewarded